taxHow to Reduce your Tax Bill
We provide advice from ensuring all your Credits are claimed to the more complicated as to how / why to Invest in BES Schemes / Film Relief Schemes and Pensions, maximising all available Tax Release.

Personal Tax Computations
Each time your Tax Computations are prepared, we review to ensure that all the best steps are being taken.

Inheritance Tax Planning
As well as making a Will, it is essential that same be reviewed to minimise / avoid Capital Acquistions Tax . Consider also availing of the Annual Gift exemption of �3,000.

Capital Gains Tax
You are liable to Capital Gains Tax on disposal of assets. TIP � make a clear record of any losses which Shelter gains in the Future.

Corporation Tax
Avail of the New Corporation Tax Exemption � no Corporation Tax for three Years for new Businesses. ( subject to limits & conditions )

R&D Tax Credits
Apply for Tax Credit for Research and Development Expenditure � this allows Credit against not only Corporation Tax but extends to PAYE and PRSI.